Optimum Cuts for Best Saving with OptiCutsPro !

Welcome to OptiCutsPro - is an Optimization Tools that provides a solution to the Cutting Stock Problem which is used to determine the Cut Pattern so that the scrap waste is minimized.

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Free and ease of use

Try our cutlist optimizer or linear cutting list calculator completele for free.

Best in class cutting optimization software

Solver engine use multiple optimization algorithms so the final cutting plans contains minimum waste and maximal material yield. We save you material money.

Printable PDF reports

OptiCutPro provides printing and reporting features. You can print all your cutting plans using your printer or download cutting plans as PDF file for later printing or archiving.


cutting optimization online

OptiCutsPro is an online cut sheet calculator and cut length calculator. No matter what type of material you need to cut, OptiCutsPro will always find the best possible solution using the best suitable optimization algorithm.

Online power of the cloud

OptiCutsPro runs online on high performance servers in the cloud with great calculation power so you got the results very quickly.

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Always up-to-date

You are not stuck with obsolete downloaded application. OptiCutsPro runs online and is regularly updated so you do not have to pay for future upgrades or install new update packages again and again.

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No instalation required

No matter what type of device or operating system you are using, you do not have to install any software, OptiCutsPro is device and OS independent.

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Modular Sections

All of the sections on each page are modular, so you can drop them into an existing page, or start with a new one!

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What is CutPro?

CutPro is a fully coded, responsive, Bootstrap based UI toolkit for developers.

What can I build with CutPro?

Build anything you want to using this UI kit! It is flexible, multipurpose, and full of tools for you to use during development.

Do I get free updates?

All of Start Bootstrap's premium products will come with updates for feature additions, bugfixes, and other small updates.

What frameworks does it integrate with?

Our HTML based pro products are build with framework integration in mind. The compiled code is HTML and CSS, which is able to integrate with any framework.

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